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“Age of Angels” Experience the Transformation to the Angels’ World

Long before Christianity angels already existed in ancient Mesopotamia (now Iraq) where clay tablets showing angels were found during excavations. The Greek mythology also knew gods with wings like Hermes and Eros. Among other functions these had the mission to transmit messages from the Olympians on Mount Olympus to minor gods on earth.

The English word "angel" is originally derived from the Greek word "Angelos" which means "messenger".

After decades of work on various art projects, in 2009 Dietmar Pickering took a creative break during which he got interested in several new topics. Birth and death were both themes that made him reflect on ever-recurring questions like "Why am I the way I am? What is the meaning of my life and who decides what will happen?”

His non-scientific realization is that finally everybody carries his life in his hands and determines its course but there are influencing factors that assist us.

For Pickering angels represent such assistants, who make our life easier by sending us messages and hints. These personal findings made Pickering dedicate his work to the topic "Angels" which resulted in this picture material
"AGE OF ANGELS" on this site.

What is “Age of Angels”?
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“Age of Angels" under the motto “Experience the Transformation to the Angels’ World” continues Pickering´s decades of successful work.
The artist is known for his true to life paintings of cat fur on nude human skin.
“Catpeople” is internationally one of the most outstanding art projects of our time.

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The Austrian designer, painter and photographer Dietmar PICKERING experiences his artistic development as metaphoric act - humans feel their animalistic urges and live as animal, free themselves from their earthly needs, realize the truth, ... the angel has arisen.

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These “catpeople” reincarnate themselves in Pickering´s art
into fantastic mythical creatures, namely ANGELS who captivate the viewer and inspire him by their spirituality.

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... The angels are among us.

Dietmar Pickering
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