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Cat or person? – In any case a work of art! A cat, elegant and and proud, snuggled on a wall in Red Square in Moscow.

Scene change: in the stark landscape of southern Spain cringes another “cat person” near a cliff, ready to spring on its imaginary prey.

Upon closer inspection, both cats turn out to be people. Athletic, nude and with cat-like body paint, these models blur the lines between the human and the cat world.

This is CAT PEOPLE “figural art” – a unique art project!

Pictures of this kind are those which the Austria residing designer, painter and photographer Dietmar Pickering had in mind when describing his new, revolutionary project: CAT PEOPLE “figural art”. True to nature cat patterns are artistically applied to naked skin with airbrush and mixed technique. Both female and male models are painted, regardless of nationality, age, or body shape.

The real challenge presented to the model: depicting, as authentically as possible, the social behavior and life situations of a cat.

Now comes the most important part for the artist, the photographic recording of the scene. The photography as artwork is complete. The completed project presents a unique artistic mixture between painting and photography. Initial efforts were met with very positive feedback which, when professionally executed, were guaranteed to become a successful art project.

As the initiator of this project (painter & art photographer), I spent a considerable amount of time occupied with both the natural biosphere and the movement development of cats; whether house, wild or predatory. So emerged the concepts and ideas of CAT PEOPLE “figural art”.

Numerous photo-material already hints at the finished product and the enormous potential of the project. Cat people will reinact cats in all imaginable daily situations.

That is what makes CAT PEOPLE one of the most sensational international art projects of our time. The way in which the models cross the borders between cat and human gives the entire project a unique artistic melding of painting and photography.

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